“UpdraftPlus – Perform a one-time backup” (backup_now_widgetry) – new options


would it be possible to add new options to the function “backup_now_widgetry” (admin.php -> #L2047: https://github.com/wp-plugins/updraftplus/blob/cbdd60ca2108b1cfcac54d5892fa334cadd8e7d3/admin.php#L2427)

Currently there are 3 options:

  • “backupnow_nodb”: Don’t include the database in the backup
  • “backupnow_nofiles”:  
  • “backupnow_nocloud”: Don’t send this backup to remote storage

It would be great to have the same options and sub-options like in the “Backup now” feature:

  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Uploads
  • WP Core
  • Other directories
  • Other files
  • Label (optional)

Also, I think it would make more sense to have the same wording / UI / UX on both backup popups to be more intuitive.

With “Backup now” you select checkboxes to enable those backups.

With “UpdraftPlus – Perform a one-time backup” (backup_now_widgetry) you select checkboxes to disable those backups.

Summarized: Is it possible to have the same widget for “UpdraftPlus – Perform a one-time backup” like for the main button “Backup now”?

Thanks Daniel


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  1. udadmin


    Thank you for interacting. That’s a link to an 8-year old copy of UpdraftPlus, and I am having trouble understanding what your idea is, since your description is partly about code changes and partly about the final idea – but I’m not really clear what the final idea is? It’s best to describe the final idea, and not discuss code (especially 8-year-old code).


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