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    This is beyound unbelievable. I considere this something between a fraud and a blackmail. Updraft is an acclaimed and acknoledged WordPress back up and MIGRATE software with several Million installs. And because GD has its own backup service they dare to put people at risk who have a Pro subscription with Updraft and made commitments to clients.
    I understand that some people store numerous backups on their GD account. But hey! So are people doing with BackupBuddy and similar software as well. I sure don’t see them black- or blocklisted.
    GD should have put restrictions on those accounts storing excessive backup files on their accounts and not all accounts with an UpdraftPlus install. However, such a decision would require some dedication and an understanding of customer needs. Things I’m missing with GD. GD has proven this time and time again and is known for their repeated questionable ethical and moral decisions.
    Talking to GD Tier 2ccustomer service I was being adviced “…Updraft may come back “in a week or two” because of the feedback GD has been receiving. I suggest we wait before taking any actions…”
    His recommendation was to use Backup Buddy if we had to switch. Well thank you. Back at square one!


    Can UpdraftPlus provide us with a status update of your negotiations with GoDaddy? This is causing a lot of problems for GoDaddy Resellers like me, who have multiple sites running Updraft. I need Updraft Central to manage plug-in updates across many sites, and I am paying Updraft for subscriptions that are not usable.

    We deserve an update on the status of this issue. It’s been a full week since Updraft commented.
    PLEASE! Can someone escalate this issue to try to get some resolution?

    GoDaddy has not changed status of Blocklist:
    UpdraftPlus (temporary). Backups. All versions – under review and may be reenabled in the future.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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