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    Joe V


    I have a couple of websites I need to move from my shared server to a VPS. These are my personal/business websites. I was going to purchase the migrating extension, However, I opted for the Updraftplus Premium as I felt it had more value. Once I installed the UDP Premium I was expecting to see something under the Premium/Extensions tab for the Migration add-on, however, I have nothing. I am logged into my account from UDP Premium, and I see something that says “All Add-ons,” but I can’t find anything to use the Migration tool aside from clicking on the Migration/Clone tab.

    I hope that made sense and thank you in advance for any assistance.

    Joe V
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    Hi Joe. I’m in the same boat and not having much luck with a full site migration. Lots of headaches. Anyway, once you log in connecting your account to that site, you have to activate some/all plugins from the Plugins/Extensions tab. Once activated you will see a message on the Premium tab reading “You are presently connected to an UpdraftPlus.Com account”. From there you just use the Backup/Restore tab like you would with the free version. (I’m not seeing a whole lot of value added by buying the Premium, since almost everything can be done the free version and a Search & Replace plugin. YMMV) ~tadees

    Joe V

    Thanks @tadees. I see that now.

    With that, Here is my confusion now. By purchasing the Premium version of UDP, I read that you also get the Migrator add-on. And the reason I upgraded to premium. According to the Migrator site, by purchasing the Add-on, you can “Install on an unlimited number of websites for a whole year.” I have a few websites I need to move from my old hosting to my new hosting service. By purchasing the Premium, I get 2 Licenses. And the documentation I see reads that I need to have a License at each end of the Migration (Source site & Destination site). That would be my two licenses. And to clear or reset a license takes 30 days. Unfortunately, my hosting service expires in less than 30 days. Also, with this logic, The Migrator add-on would technically only work on 12 sites yearly, not unlimited.

    This causes me to think I am missing something. Maybe there is an add-on I am not seeing that will allow me to use Migrator on unlimited sites for the year, or at least the 4 or 5 I need to Migrate to my new hosting company before my service ends with the old host.

    Would anyone from UDP like to weigh in, so we are not left guessing?



    Yeah sorry, Joe. I am not part of UDP or anything like that; just throwing out some anecdotal evidence that you aren’t alone in your confusion/issues (I’m on hour 8 of “Restore a Backup > Verifying…” and then nothing. That said, even today (Sunday, US EST), they have been fairly responsive to my Support Ticket. Maybe address them directly with your questions…? I sooo wish they’d have a giant banner that says “WE HAVE HUGE ISSUES WITH GODADDY HOSTING AND UDP WON’T WORK!”
    And yeah, “unlimited” does seem a little iffy, given the 30-day time requirements (I must have missed that line in the documentation) and, while a PIA, I’d guess they could do it manually for each time it’s needed. Seems like they’d be using automation tools to unlock it from one and apply to another almost instantly, or shortly thereafter. Again, no idea, but best of luck!

    Bryle Crodua


    Migrator add-on is an unlimited add-on. To activate the add-on only, instead of activate “All Add-ons” you can just activate the “Migrator add-on”. You should see an activate on this site link once you reach step 4 of our guide – https://updraftplus.com/support/installing-updraftplus-premium-your-add-on/


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