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    I am trying to migrate a site with the migration add-on.
    When I try to generate a key by clicking the “create key” link, nothing happens.
    No error message, no page reload, nothing. I have done this before, so I know how it should look. I have tried different browsers, but it didn’t work anywhere.

    I should mention that we are doing this for one of our clients and she just bought the .com domain. We tried moving the domain to our own hosting provider, but as there is a 60 day waiting period to move .com domain names we just changed the settings of the nameservers so that our content shows when you visit the site. Maybe this has something to do with the problem I’m experiencing?


    Dee Nutbourne


    From your description, it sounds like there is a JavaScript conflict on the page.
    Could you perform the following test:

    • In your browser, open your Developer Tools (instructions on how to do this for each major browser can be found here)
    • Open the ‘Console’ tab if it is not already open
    • Reload the page and attempt to generate a key

    Do you see any errors appear in the developer console? Could you send me a copy of screenshot of those errors?

    Best Wishes,
    David N


    I had the same issue when using Chrome. I then switched to IE, logged in and it accepted the key and started the migration.

    I hope this helps!


    Glad you got it sorted!



    Same problem here pasting key into the source WP installation using Chrome. I switched to Firefox and it worked, No problem (I hope so anyway – the migration hasn’t finished yet)

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