Automatic backups

Automatic Backups

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Your WordPress site probably has a lot of plugins. And with WP core, plugins and themes, the updates keep coming.

You know that you should back things up before updating, but it’s all too easy to forget or to skip the step. And that can mean a new plugin breaking your site. How do you roll back? When did you last make a backup?

We have a feature that takes an update of your existing plugins/themes and databases automatically (as appropriate), every time you perform an update in the WordPress dashboard.

This means you can update with complete piece of mind: if anything goes wrong with the update, you  can roll back instantly!

The Plugin also automatically backs up when WordPress performs an automatic background update, or a JetPack Manage update, so if anything accidentally breaks when this happens, you will be covered.

Click on the screenshots to the left (or scroll down) to see how easy it is.

Note: this add-on has nothing to do with backup scheduling (which is already a standard UpdraftPlus feature).

Please add to the cart the number of site licences that you wish to use. For the very best value, UpdraftPlus Premium includes this, plus every other Add-On (and options for unlimited licences) at a significant discount.

Automatic backup running Automatic backup

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