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Back up everything in your WordPress root directory, plus all other directories on your web server.

From 11.50 / year

This Add-On allows you to backup everything in your WordPress root directory, plus any other directories on your web server.

Normally, UpdraftPlus creates backup archives of everything in WordPress’s content directory: all the database, plugins, uploads, themes, etc. that you need to restore your site (when you’ve got a fresh install of WordPress).

With this Add-On, your UpdraftPlus backs up all the files from your WordPress install, even those you added in a non-standard way. It also gives you the option to back up further directories from your webserver that aren’t part of WordPress at all.

WordPress Core files and non-standard files and directories in your WordPress installation can be restored as normal through UpdraftPlus.
Directories from outside of WordPress can easily be restored manually (e.g. via FTP), as UpdraftPlus backup files are non-propriety ZIP archives.

This add-on also adds the feature to download files from your backups from within your WordPress dashboard.

Add a quantity equal to the number of websites you need this add-on for. If you need several, then UpdraftPlus Premium offers the best value. For the very best value, UpdraftPlus Premium includes this, plus every other add-on (and unlimited licences) at a significant discount.


Included in the backups:

  • Modifications to WordPress core (though making them is not recommended!)
  • New files added into WordPress outside of the normal upload mechanisms
  • Other resources (or even sub-sites) in the same folder as WordPress
  • Files from other directories on your server
  • Your wp-config.php file, so there’s no need to re-enter database settings and other customisations upon restoring
  • You can also browse your backups and download individual files from them from within your WordPress dashboard

This purchase includes access to support and updates for 1 year, and will renew automatically.

Note: Automatic renewals ensure your UpdraftPlus is always compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It means regular updates, new features and support when you need it. You can cancel at any time.

Bundle Deal!

This extension is included in UpdraftPremium with a significant discount.

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