default backup settings for every new website

Is it possible to define default backup settings for every newly created website in UpdraftCentral?

For example I want the same configuration for the the files and database backup schedule and remote storage. In this case I would not need to configure every integrated website manually but have the defaults which are optimized for my needs.



  1. Would a drop-down menu giving the option “Copy options from (choose site)” be a workable idea?

    • Hi

      That would do the job. Even better, if I had some different configurations for some website types. Then I can choose the configuration which matches the best.


  2. Yeah templates of settings would be better, than copying from a site.

    Ability to Save settings of this site to a Template would do the trick.

    Also if you could edit the template and have the ability to bulk push updates to any sites using that template if you wished.

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