Backup to pCloud

It would be awesome to be able to save backups to pCloud.

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Response from UpdraftPlus (April 2021):

We re-investigate this request from time to time. Unfortunately, it has never yet been the case that pCloud have been willing to invest in maintaining a PHP SDK for their API. A “code dump” of a PHP SDK was released by them in 2017, but not maintained: issues are not responded to, and pull requests are not looked at (, and compatibility updates for PHP versions released since then have not been made (PHP 7.1 was the latest PHP version at that time).

Once in the past we decided to produce an integration for a vendor with a similar SDK (Bitcasa); this turned out to be a mistake – we were left having to support the interface and its changes ourselves and consequently it was much more burdensome than other cloud storage providers, and then we had to put considerable work into removing it and communicating with its users when Bitcasa changed focus entirely. From that experience, we learned that in the short term you may please users by supporting an API more than the provider of that API themselves is willing to… but in the long-term it’s not a sensible decision. We urge all the users who wish to see a pCloud integration to lobby pCloud to provide resources to continuously maintaining a PHP SDK. (We have also communicated this to pCloud, together with explanations of what APIs are needed to be used by UpdraftPlus reliably; we are not willing to create a “works 90% of the time!” implementation and there are certain requirements relating to large uploads and resumptions when the web hosting provider does not allow PHP to run for a long continuous period of time). As we see it, if pCloud think that PHP-based users (like WordPress) are worth having, then they will be willing to do this; if they don’t think it is important, then it would be sensible to respect that and wait until they see things differently.



  1. aporter


    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I’ve added this to our internal tracker for further investiation.

    Best Wishes,


  2. ozfader

    Hi Ashley, any movement on this request? I had too many problems with Dropbox and so shifted to pCloud a few months ago. It would be really helpful to get a definitive answer on this please.

    • udadmin


      I can confirm that there has not yet been sufficient customer interest shown for us to pursue this idea.


      • Christophe Mouze

        Well, that’s one more customer (myself) expressing support for this. I’d much rather use Pcloud than Dropbox to back up my sites, Pcloud is gaining in popularity. So far the only plugin that backups WordPress sitse to Pcloud doesn’t work, but if one comes up that works, I’ll have no qualms about leaving Updraft for them.

  3. contact257

    I hesitate to pass on the premium version because I also liked that your plugin is compatible with PCloud, it would be TOP!

  4. webmaster288

    Like one of the earlier comments we have had problems with Dropbox so have switched to pcloud. Not having that as an option on Updraftplus is causing us problems with the size of the files from our sites.

  5. paul180

    I would really like an option for pcloud. I have a 2TB virtual disk there and it works so well.

  6. renteriah

    Hello, I´m also leaving dropbox and moving to pCloud. Really need to have this feature to backup to pCloud. Thanks

  7. pitorian

    Would also appreciate the PCloud backup location, as its one of the most valued resources that we use.

  8. alex-6296

    Any advancement?
    I would love to buy UpdraftPlus Pro if it supports pCloud, for every website I create.

    • jleblanc

      If there are this many people going to the effort to create an account to request it how many more hundreds don’t even know about UpDraft or would use this integration but wouldn’t create an account to request it. I know dozens…

  9. jleblanc

    Would really like a pCloud integration. We have lots of need for it for wp backups.

  10. Dave

    Hi, I’m a user and fan of pcloud as well, would very much like to be able to back up to pcloud. I’ll bet the good people at pcloud would be happy to tell all of their customers that they can use the premium version of UpdraftPlus to back up their WordPress sites to pcloud!

    I see that you’ve been getting requests for this since 2017, hope that you’ll take action on them. I think that Dropbox’s time has passed, and pcloud is on the ascendancy. You’d be wise to add it to your stable!



  11. JamesFortune

    Please support backups to pCloud. I much prefer it to DropBox now.

    Thank you

    Warmest regards

  12. jose-5509

    One more to the list! I’d be happy to be able to backup to pCloud too.


  13. faor1987

    I have changed to another plugin that does allow me to easily configure backups in pCloud.

    Many of us don’t write requests, but surely you could find hundreds of people interested in you adding pCloud to the options.

  14. Karen

    +! for pCloud integration… I love Updraft, but, need an integration with pCloud … Help us continue to support Updraft.

  15. James Brien

    Disappointing to see.. requested for 2.5 years already.. we may have to research an alternative backup plugin, after paying for this one..

    + 1 for pCloud.. UpdraftPlus, this is a no-brainer!

  16. Thomas

    I don’t quite understand why that still doesn’t work. Unfortunately we now have to look for another backup program. What a shame!

  17. Pedro Alvarez

    All In One WP Migration have an extension that works perfect with pCloud, problem is that I only have the WP version, but it may be time to purchaser WPMU version of this plugin and leave UpDraft :(

  18. KK

    I hope you should consider it, people are asking it for around 3 years.

  19. arnold1

    Let’s put it this way. Without a pCloud intergration I will not renew my subscription with you.

  20. Torsten Stapelkamp

    I would very much welcome an integration to pCloud.
    The following WP plugin provides a corresponding connection to pCloud:
    WPvivid Backup and Migration Plugin

    I’m now faced with the question of either paying more money in more storage for DropBox, for example, or saying goodbye to UpdraftPlus and switching to WPvivid Backup.
    I would like to stay with UpdraftPlus.

  21. Christine

    Did all the people requesting Updraft to do all this work without cooperation from Pcloud write to Pcloud too?

    What was the response from PCloud?

    I was just going to order from Pcloud, and now I won’t.

  22. Omarr

    Me too, I would very much appreciate pCloud integration.

  23. weaver

    I would also very much appreciate a pCloud solution as their servers are located in Europe and it is a fantastic service. I hope you will consider this again as the situation may have changed in the past year.

  24. Robert

    I love pCloud and I wish to connect to Updraft – that would be a dream bundle. Please!

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