Dropbox Sub-Folders

Back up multiple sites into neat Dropbox sub-folders.

From 7.50 / year

This Add-On makes UpdraftPlus’ support for Dropbox even better! Instead of putting all your backups in the default “app folder” (which UpdraftPlus alone can access), this Add-On allows you to create further subfolders, so that you can distinguish your backups more easily. This is particularly useful if you’re backing up multiple sites into a single dropbox.

Please note: One purchase of this add-on equals one site licence. Please add a sufficient number of these subfolders to your cart, according to how many websites you need them for. If you need a lot, UpdraftPlus Premium offers the best value.

After installing the “Dropbox sub-folders” add-on, you will have an extra option in the Dropbox configuration section of the UpdraftPlus settings page, as shown at the bottom of this screenshot. Simply enter in the name of the sub-folder which you would like to use:

Dropbox subfolders

If you do not see the “Store at:” setting, then you’ve not yet installed the add-on… check out the installation instructions again!

(Note: the apps/UpdraftPlus/ part of the Dropbox path is enforced by Dropbox. Dropbox requires that each application only be able to store data in its own folder. So, your sub-folders will be sub-folders of that path; e.g. apps/UpdraftPlus/MySite1, apps/UpdraftPlus/MySecondSite, etc.).

This purchase includes access to support and updates for 1 year, and will renew automatically.

Note: Automatic renewals ensure your UpdraftPlus is always compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It means regular updates, new features and support when you need it. You can cancel at any time.

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This extension is included in UpdraftPremium with a significant discount.

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