UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup

The world’s most trusted WordPress backup plugin

Your WordPress website is vulnerable to hacking, user error, dodgy updates and server crashes.  That’s why you need UpdraftPlus, the world’s highest rated and most-installed WordPress backup plugin.

UpdraftPlus can back up WordPress sites of any size. It runs wherever WordPress does, has more storage options than any rival, and makes cloning simple.

With more active users than any alternative, why risk your website on less?

Why choose UpdraftPlus?



Supporting encryption at multiple levels, UpdraftPlus can keep your backups safe from prying eyes.


UpdraftPlus has been extensively tested to work on any server where WordPress runs, and is installed on more sites than any rival.


Engage with a very easy-to-use interface that allows you to backup and restore with a single click on the schedule that suits you.


We are the complete, general-purpose backup / restore / clone solution. Supports more cloud storage providers than any rival, and even backs up non-WP files and databases.

Easy storage: UpdraftVault

UpdraftPlus supports many cloud storage providers (Dropbox, Amazon, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, FTP, etc.) But, with our own Updraft Vault, you get the zero hassle option. Manage and download backups for all your sites at one central location. No complicated setup or fiddly keys, no accounting hassles. Just press a button to make the connection, and you’re done! UpdraftPlus Premium gives you 1 Gb of Vault storage for free, with the option of purchasing more. Buy it now!

Updraft Vault

Remote storage options

UpdraftPlus gives you more remote storage options than any other plugin:

Google Drive

Google Drive





Amazon S3

Amazon S3



One Drive

One Drive



Open Stack

Open Stack

… And more! (including Copy.Com, WebDAV, DreamObjects, …)

Protect your site today

With the best reliability and compatibility, top reviews and the most global downloads and installs… why risk anything less?

Backup on schedule

Automatic Backups

It’s easy to create bespoke, automated backup schedules. Choose exactly when and how often to backup – every 4, 8 or 12 hours, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly – your choice! UpdraftPlus can also automatically run a backup before you update a plugin, theme or WordPress itself – even when WordPress updates itself in the background; so, whatever problems a new update brings, you’re covered!


Download backups directly from your WordPress control panel.

You can individual entities to restore (e.g. restore just your plugins after a problematic plugin update), or do everything at once. You can also import backups from other sites, or import them from your remote storage (e.g. your Dropbox).


Migrate (i.e. clone, duplicate)


With our Migrator feature, you can clone or migrate your website to a different URL- and it’s easy! You can do it all from the dashboard in a matter of minutes.

This feature is useful if you want to clone a site for testing, or if you’re a developer wanting to build a custom site on a local or temporary domain and then shift it all over to a live domain later on. You can even send data directly from one site to another.


Why should you trust your data to a backup plugin that isn’t ‘backed up’? UpdraftPlus is leading software with a human touch. If you do encounter difficulties, we can provide prompt support. As well as our extensive documentation, we provide support via email and forum, and have further hands-on packages available if you need emergency telephone or Skype assistance.



UpdraftPlus – the most reliable WordPress backup option. Payments accepted in US dollars, GB pounds sterling, and Euros.

Multiple sites

Ideal for power users
  • 10 licenses
  • All add-ons
  • 1 year of support
  • 1 year of free updates
  • 1Gb of Vault storage

One or two sites

Ideal for individual sites
  • 2 licenses
  • All add-ons
  • 1 year of support
  • 1 year of free updates
  • 1Gb of Vault storage

Don’t just take our word for it

Our customers speak for us.

One of the first things I install on every new WP site I work on. Flexible multiple fully configurable backup schedules — my standard config is nightly for databases, weekly for content/uploads and monthly for full WP “everything and the kitchen sink” backups… all directly secured into my Google Drive or Dropbox. Absolutely recommend 10/10!

Transform Interactive, Toronto

Updraft Plus is the easiest to use safeguard you’ll find. Updraft Plus has pulled my behind out of the fire a number of times. If you want to sleep well at night, you need to use Updraft Plus.

J P Alan

I manage client sites on Media Temple and it is difficult to find an independent backup utility which will work well. This works great! I was sceptical because everything else failed. Thanks!

Web Developer, Ben Delaney

I have used UpdraftPlus on several projects and have never been disappointed! I love that it is absolutely intuitive – I didn’t have to read anything to figure it out. Great UI design!


Developer, GEEK Wap

I have been using Updraft Plus for several years and it is hands down the best backup plugin around. It is easy to use and configure. I have backed up and restored many sites and migrated many as well with not a single problem.

Aaron Jerad, designer

I’ve had a couple of site crashes in recent weeks brought on by hackers. Fortunately, I had UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration installed. This plugin is not only incredibly effective, it is very simple to use and does backups and restores FAST. Don’t leave your website without it!

Dancing Peppers, California


You can also check out all our pre-sales FAQs here, or all our FAQs here, or ask your own question here. Or, just go to the shop and purchase UpdraftPlus Premium today!

How long will I have access to updates for?

Already-installed software can be used forever, whether you have access to updates or not. With each purchase, access to personal support and updates to install/update to new releases of UpdraftPlus is for 12 months. (As is the case with about 90% of the premium WordPress plugin market). After 12 months, you can renew your access with very generous discounts. If you prefer not to renew, then your installed software is unaffected – it will remain installed and you can carry on using it.

Are there coupons available for discounted upgrades?

Yes! Go here for the list of available upgrade coupons (or go here for renewal coupons).

What are the discounts for renewing access to updates/support after a year?

Good ones! See here. Or, if you’re looking for discounts for upgrades, then see here.

Can I use UpdraftPlus to migrate a site to a different address?

This is a common need for site developers – or anyone wanting to maintain two copies of a site (e.g. when moving web hosting). The answer is “yes”; this is a feature of UpdraftPlus Premium. Just click on the “Clone/Migrate” button in UpdraftPlus, and it’s easy. (You will also be shown a link to fuller documentation, including screenshots).

Can UpdraftPlus be used to migrate a WooCommerce site?

Yes! WooCommerce is a well-behaved WordPress plugin that stores its database information in the WordPress database, and stores any uploaded files in the WordPress media library. As such, it does not present any special issues or challenges when migrating. By the way – updraftplus.com itself uses WooCommerce; we’ve even developed a few WooCommerce plugins of our own, which you can see here.