The World’s Most Trusted WordPress Backup and Migration Plugin

Hacking, server crashes, dodgy updates or simple user error can ruin your WordPress site.

UpdraftPlus is actively installed on more than 3 million WordPress websites! Protect yours today, with Updraft! 

Trusted by over 3 million WordPress sites, including:

Why UpdraftPlus?


Engage with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to backup and restore with a single click on a schedule that suits you.


Not all backup plugins are created equal.  UpdraftPlus is tested in more scenarios, installed on more servers than any WordPress backup and migration plugin. See our reviews on TrustPilot!


UpdraftPlus is a complete, general-purpose backup, migrate and restore plugin with more features and advanced tools than any other rival.

What does the UpdraftPlus WordPress backup & migration plugin do?

Included in both Free and Premium

Incremental backups


Performs complete manual or scheduled backups of all your WordPress files, databases, plugins and themes.


Set schedules

Schedule your WordPress backups every 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


Restores backups directly from your WordPress control panel.


Migrate or clone your WordPress website in a matter of minutes, all from your UpdraftPlus dashboard.

What are the additional benefits of Premium?

Get access to these features when you upgrade:

More remote storage locations

Get more remote storage options with Premium, including Microsoft OneDrive, SFTP, Microsoft Azure, WebDav, Google Cloud, SCP, Backblaze and pCloud.

Remote storage enhancements

UpdraftPlus Premium enhances remote storage options included in ‘Free’ UpdraftPlus, specifically Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud Files and AWS S3.

Automatically back up before WordPress or plugin updates

UpdraftPlus Premium backs up your site before updates are made so you can restore it if you need to in a matter of clicks. 3 to be precise.

Back up incrementally

Premium allows you to back up incremental changes made since the last site backup, adding these to the master, saving server resources.

Backup time and scheduling

Run backups at set times e.g. at 3am / during period of low traffic to conserve server resources for peak traffic.

Additional retention rules

Get more control over how many backups are stored in a specified interval with retention rules.

Restore from other backup plugins

includes BackWPup, BackupWordPress, Simple Backups and more.

WordPress Multisite compatible

Migrate a subsite to a single standalone site or restore a subsite, instead of the whole multisite. Restrict UpdraftPlus dashboard access to Network Administrators.

Get detailed reports

Premium lists errors, so you don’t need to search through log files, cryptographic checksums so you can verify the integrity of the backed-up files and much more. Send reports to multiple email addresses or to the syslog.

Premium Migration

Migrate in minutes! Pick and choose which themes, plugins and database tables to migrate with Premium. Find out more. 

Back up non-WordPress databases and files

e.g. tables belonging to your e-commerce store or customisations to WordPress core. Encrypt databases to keep your data safe. Extract specific files without downloading the full backup archive.

Anonymise backup data

Personal data such as names, emails and WooCommerce order data can be anonymised. Useful for migrations to development or staging sites.

Lock Settings

Restrict access to the UpdraftPlus Premium dashboard with a password. Useful if you have administration users who should not have access to the backup configuration.

Manage your backups from the WP-CLI

This feature allows backups, restorations and clones to be initiated via the WordPress Command Line Interface.

What others had to say

“We’ve used Updraft for years as our go-to choice for manual backups before updating, incremental updates throughout the day, and spinning up clones of staging sites quickly. Great tool with a fantastic support team.”

Chris Gilchrist from Waterfront Digital

“UpdraftPlus has been our backup plugin for as far as I can remember. I upgraded from the free version to get more options on where to send my backup data.

I like it because it’s set and forget. UpdraftPlus Premium is scheduled to backup incremental changes daily. I just get a confirmation email to say it’s worked.” 

Michael & Maggie from ‘The World Was Here First’ Blog

Protect your site with a trusted WordPress backup and migration plugin

All premium licenses come with:

UpdraftPremium Personal 2 licenses



All premium features
 + 1 UpdraftClone token
 + 1GB UpdraftVault quota

UpdraftPremium Business 10 licenses



All premium features
 + 2 UpdraftClone tokens
 + 1GB UpdraftVault quota

UpdraftPremium Agency 35 licenses



All premium features
 + 5 UpdraftClone tokens
 + 1GB UpdraftVault quota

UpdraftPremium Enterprise UNLIMITED licenses



All premium features
+ 10 UpdraftClone tokens
+ 1GB UpdraftVault quota

UpdraftPremium Gold UNLIMITED licenses+

$399.00 / year


All premium features
+ 10 UpdraftClone tokens
+ 50GB UpdraftVault quota
Unlimited UpdraftCentral Cloud

Numbers of Licenses1 - 23 - 1011 - 35UnlimitedUnlimited
All Add-ons
UpdraftVault 1Gb Free

Backup to remote storage locations

Both Free and Premium

To avoid server-wide risks, always backup to remote cloud storage.
UpdraftPlus offers the widest range of remote storage options of any WordPress backup plugin:


Enhance Dropbox with Premium

Google Drive

Enhance Google Drive with Premium

Amazon S3

Enhance Amazon S3 with Premium


Enhance Rackspace with Premium

…And more! Like FTP, Dreamobjects, Openstack Swift and Email.

What additional storage options does Premium have?

And more! Including SCP, Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze, pCloud…

Protect your WordPress investment

Get the world’s most trusted WordPress backup and migration plugin.

With every purchase of UpdraftPlus Premium you’ll also get:

Up to 10 UpdraftClone tokens

Want to update your site or see how it looks with a new layout or theme? Save money on hosting and create a sandbox or clone on our servers in just a few clicks. Get up to 10 clone tokens with Premium with the option to buy more if you need it.

1GB of integrated Storage

UpdraftVault is integrated into UpdraftPlus so you don’t have to set up and create other storage systems. Back up in just a couple of clicks. Based on AWS S3, it provides 99.999% reliability, redundancy and scalability. Get 1GB of storage with UpdraftPlus Premium (or 50GB with the Gold package) plus the option to buy more if you need it.

Centrally manage up to 5 WordPress websites

UpdraftCentral is a powerful remote control that allows you to manage your WordPress website’s updates, users, pages, posts, plugins and more, without logging into them separately. Manage up to 5 WordPress websites for free or upgrade to UpdraftCentral Cloud.


Migrate an unlimited number of websites

With UpdraftMigrator Premium you can migrate your WordPress website to another web host or domain in a matter of minutes, all from your UpdraftPlus dashboard.


If you have questions, please take a look at our Pre-Sales FAQs or our General FAQs pages.
Alternatively, ask your own question here.

How does UpdraftPlus compare with other backup plugins?

WordPress users tell us all the time that they love UpdraftPlus because ‘it just works’. UpdraftPlus has more users and more five-star reviews on the WordPress directory than any other WordPress backup plugin.

UpdraftPlus also offers more remote storage locations,  including integrated storage with UpdraftVault. 1GB is included in every purchase. Our support desk is manned by a skilled team of developers. 88% of support tickets are responded to within 24 hours and we have a satisfaction rating of more than 80%. 

How long will I be able to access updates?

You’ll get 12-months of access to UpdraftPlus releases and premium support. This will continue if you renew.

How do I backup a WordPress site?

We’ve created this step-by-step guide on how to backup your WordPress site using UpdraftPlus.

Are there coupons available for discounted upgrades?

Yes! You can find the list of available upgrade coupons here.

Can I use UpdraftPlus to migrate my website to a different address?

Yes you can. Find out more about UpdraftMigrator Premium (part of UpdraftPlus Premiuim).

What happens if I buy and then change my mind?

We’ll generally consider all requests for refunds, particularly if made within the first 10 days after purchase. If you’re experiencing a problem or to discuss a refund please contact our friendly support team via the customer support form.

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